Ball Sizes

PeeWees (U6) and Midgets (U8) - use ball size 3

Freshman (U11) - use ball size 4

Seniors (U14) - use ball size 5

Academy (U18) - use ball size 5

Game Length

There will be no overtime periods.  Ties will stand.  Games that are terminated by the Referee after 2 quarters or first half, will not be replayed.  Scores stand at the time of termination.

Breaks: Two-minute breaks between quarters.  Five-minute breaks between halves.

  • PeeWee (U6): four 8 minute quarters, 6v6
  • Midgets (U8): four 10 minute quarters, 8v8
  • Juniors (U11): four 12 minute quarters, 10v10
  • Seniors (U14): two 25 minute halves, 11v11
  • Academy (U18): two 30 minute halves, 11v11
Game Cancellation

Only township recreation, YYSL Board officials, or the game referee can cancel a game due to field conditions.  The game referee can cancel due to game time weather conditiions.  If the game is not cancelled in advance, all teams will arrive on time for the scheduled start of the game.

York Youth Soccer League Game Rules

All league games will be governed by FIFA rules with the following modifications.

Midget/Freshman/Academy Division:

  • Throw-ins are to be retaken by a thrower if violated the first throw in.
  • U11 Division - 2 chances for every throw-in.
  • U14 & U18 Division - 2 chances for every throw-in at 1st game of the season.  After 1st game of season, penalty will be called by the Referee and ball possession will be given to other team. 
  • The goalie carrying the ball or picking up a ball intentionally kicked back by a defender will not be penalized in accordance with the FIFA rules.  A verbal warning may be given to the first offense and the rule enforced on each offense thereafter.


All Divisions:

No slide tackling is permitted.  Penalties will be assessed.

  • 1st: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd: Yellow Card
  • 3rd: Expulsion from the game


U11/U14/U18 Linesman:

Linesmen are Required for U11, U14 and U18 divisions.  The Linesman must be a parent and cannot be a Coach.  The Linesman will indicate Out of Bounds ONLY.


Head Balls:

Heading the ball is NOT permitted.  Other methods of ball entrapment and control will be taught.  Game play will be stopped.  Coaches and players will be reminded of "No Head Ball" rule.  Drop ball will occur outside the 18 and off to the side of the field.  Referee will determine drop ball location.  Coaches will be responsible for reinforcing the rule at practice and during game play.  At discretion of Referee, player may be carded if continued head balls occur.  



Player substitutions can only be made with the consent of the Referee, during any dead ball by either team.

*  Corner Kicks - No substitutions allowed.

*  Player must be at mid-field when ball is out of play.

*  Goal kicks, either team may sub.

*  Sideline throw-ins may only occur for team throwing in the ball.  If team throwing in substitutes players, opposing team may sub players at this time.

All substitutions entering/leaving the field must be done at mid-field.  Player must be present at mid-field at the time of substitution.  **Only exception is injury of another player.  Injured players should be instructed to stay on the ground so play can be stopped. 


Referee Payment: 

For the referees benefit, game fee distributions will be given to the referee at the field BEFORE the start of the game.  Each head coach is responsible for half of the applicable fee.  The referee will receive half the above fee for each game that is not played.  These fees will be paid by check through YYSL.  Fees resulting from forfeit in which one coach does not show, should be collected from the showing coach (half the fee only).  Report games not played, team "no shows", or fee problems to your commissioner.

  • U6: No refs
  • U8:   $30
  • U11: $36
  • U14: $40
  • U18: $40


Referee Responsibilities:

  • Referee must be on field at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • The referee can take any action necessary to deal with any parent who is interfering with the play of the game.  Coaches shall be responsible for any misconduct of the parents or their team members and will receive appropriate disciplinary action from the referee.
  • Keep game time and score.
  • Will report to Referee Coordinator, any yellow cards, red cards, injuries, or coach and/or spectator problems.
  • When able, explain calls to players/coaches.
  • Observed lightning and heard thunder are reasons for immediate game stoppage.
  • If not cancelled due to the recreation departments or YYSL board members at the beginning of the game, solely determines if the game will be played due to weather conditions.
Coach Responsibilities
  • All players/coaches report one-half hour prior to the start of the games for warm-ups.
  • Goals are to be checked at each practice and the start of each games.
  • At practices and games, check for shin guards.  Players without shin guards are NOT permitted to play due to safety.  
  • At games, all players must play a minimum of 2 full quarters or one full half.
    • Exceptions are late arrival, sick, hurt, red card, disciplinary, etc.
  • Coaches are to maintain control of themselves, team, and parents.
  • Coaches should use common sense in holding practices- weather and/or field conditions.  Under no circumstances should coaches use a field that has been closed.
  • Only properly registered players can practice and play games.
  • If the referee is a no-show, either select a parent who knows soccer to referee or coaches should referee the game themselves.  If a parent is selected to referee, they will be paid the referee fee by the Head Coach. 
  • Inform the YYSL Equipment Coordinator of any equipment needs such as balls, cones, pumps, etc., especially the replenishment of first aid items (cold packs, bandages, etc.).




All players are outfitted with 2 YYSL Jerseys (1 blue, 1 yellow).  Home team will wear yellow jersey as indicated on the game schedule.  Shin guards and approved soccer cleats or sneakers must be worn.  No player will be allowed to play with flip flops or barefooted.  Players MUST be outfitted with their YYSL Blue or Yellow jersey during games.  Players without a jersey will not be permitted to play.